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Transform Your Organization's Future

Elevate leadership and drive engagement with our premier course for emerging leaders.

Unlock innovation, boost collaboration, and achieve outstanding results!


Lack of engagement is a problem!

"The first quarter of 2024 marks the lowest reported level of engagement since 2013."


Yes, it is really possible for your emerging leaders to become more effective and stay engaged.



In The Next 16 Weeks, They Can Have…

  • Improved leadership skills
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved communication
  • Manage conflict with confidence
  • Build stronger professional relationships
  • Improved organizational performance
  • Achieve professional goals without burnout

The right personal and professional development moves can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in Elevate Your Leadership.

Elevate Your Leadership: 16-Week Journey for Transformative Growth and Skill Mastery

The Syllabus 



Discover and embrace your unique qualities and enhance your self-awareness with the psychometric tool, Lumina Spark Portrait. This is the foundation upon which you can build your leadership skills and achieve your goals.

  • Set Your Career Vision & Master Goal Setting
  • Own Your Leadership Style
  • Grasp the power of understanding your personality preferences and others

You’ll walk away with a toolkit of strategies for building strong relationships that create a more diverse, dynamic, and successful personal and professional environment.


Self-Management and Emotional Regulation

Master self-management and emotional regulation to help you show up as your absolute best self in your leadership role.

  • Understand Your Brain to Control Your Emotions
  • Embrace Composure, The Brain Science of Imposter Experience
  • Manage Stress & Motivate Yourself
  • Leverage Priorities & Delegation

You’ll finish this module with an understanding of how your words, actions, and decisions impact the team and organization.


Communication Skills for Leaders

Develop the essential communication skills that every leader must possess in order to effectively and efficiently lead a team.

  • Refine Your Skills in Strategic Communication
  • Master the Art of Delivering Constructive and Positive Feedback
  • Enhance Your Proficiency in Effective Delegation and the Delegation Cycle

You’ll finish this module with the confidence to take on new challenges and communicate clearly and effectively with your teams.


Leadership Skill Mastery

Acquire the hands-on skills to help you stand apart as a truly exceptional leader.

  • Navigate the Terrain of Unconscious Bias
  • Elevate Your Approach to Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
  • Cultivate High-Performing Teams
  • Empower Others Through Coaching

You’ll finish this module with an understanding of how to make better decisions that align with your organization's goals and values and develop robust leadership skills essential for success.

Meet the Course Director

Barbara Morris-Blake

Over the last 25 years, Barbara has created numerous leadership development programs for all levels of leadership and is excited to offer this self-directed course.

An Entrepreneur, Speaker, Certified Professional Coach, and Trainer. She is passionate about helping clients increase the well-being of their top talent and create organizational impact.  An expert in issues affecting overachievers and the author of Hey There, High Flyer: A High-Achieving Woman’s Guide to Confidence and Self-Management.


Elevate Your Leadership covers it all. Looking to level up, both personally and professionally!"

- Amanda Shuchat, Founder & CEO, Heads + Tales

"I've had exceptional growth in managing difficult situations and building relationships"

- Aleena Mazhar, SVP , Managing Director of, Partner FUSE Create 

"Learnings that I immediately put into practice when working with the team and clients"

- Greg Hoffman, CLO, Torc Robotics


Supporting, Developing, and Empowering Your Leaders.

Let's drive engagement and performance together.

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  • 4 Self-Paced Modules
  • Lumina Spark Personality Assessment
  • 1x 90-Minute Group Integration Call with Barbara

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UNLOCK YOUR true leadership potential by equipping yourself with the necessary skill sets.

  • 4 Self-Paced Modules
  • Lumina Spark Personality Assessment
  • 1x 90-Minute Group Integration Call with Barbara

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