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Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Certified Professional Coach

Barbara Morris-Blake is an entrepreneur, speaker, and Certified Professional Coach with over 20 years of experience. She is passionate about helping clients increase the well-being of their top talent and create organizational impact. A trusted advisor, visionary, and a skilled communicator, Barbara guides people with energy, creativity, and a collaborative style. Executives and team leaders value her support as an insightful problem solver who can steer the change process and lead companies and individuals to higher ground.

Expertise: Certified Professional Coach & Leadership Advisor

Experience: Over 20 Years

E-mail: barbara@elevateorganizations.com

Website: elevateorganizations.com

Personal Experience

Barbara Morris-Blake has dedicated over two decades to coaching, leadership advisory, and personal development. Her journey began as a passionate advocate for talent well-being and organizational impact, which led her to establish a reputation as a trusted advisor and visionary in her field.

Throughout her career, Barbara has been recognized for her exceptional ability to listen, engage, and motivate individuals across various organizational levels. Her unique approach to coaching is rooted in her deep understanding of psychometric tools, mindfulness practices, and strategic problem-solving methodologies.

Barbara’s expertise extends beyond coaching. She is a Certified Lumina Practitioner, a Predictive Index Partner, and holds an MBA in Leadership and Management. Her certifications in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Basadur Simplicity Thinking showcase her commitment to continuous learning and adapting to the ever-evolving needs of her clients.

Having moved from Toronto to Austin in 2015, Barbara has successfully bridged the cultural and professional nuances of both regions, bringing a global perspective to her coaching and advisory services. Her personal experiences, combined with her professional achievements, make her a sought-after coach and speaker, especially on topics related to leadership success in today’s dynamic world.

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